Ethical Standards. Palabra Clave adheres to the guiding principles outlined in "Responsible Research Publication: International Standards for Publishers,” which was adopted at the Second World Conference on Research Integrity held in Singapore on July 22 – 24, 2010. The same text also was published by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE ): http://publicationethics.org/

Errata. Rectification of information provided by the author(s), if necessary, will be done in the edition of the journal immediately following the announcement of any such modifications and will be the responsibility of the author(s).  Palabra Clave, as the initial channel for circulating this information, will publish an explanatory note to that effect.

In the event of improvements, spelling errors, oversights in the way visual information is handled or involuntary inaccuracies, the author (s) may communicate with the journal by email to request changes in the electronic version, which will be made as soon as possible.

If falsification, data omission, duplication or plagiarism are found at any point during the publishing process, the original version of the article will be returned to the author with an explanation as to why. All articles contributed to Palabra Clave are verified through internal procedures that are designed to avoid plagiarism and/or duplication (an article is understood as duplicated when a comparison to another work by the same author(s) that was published previously in another journal shows at least 75% of the content submitted for consideration is not original).