Colombian Media in the XXI Century: The Re-conquest by Foreign Investment

Germán Arango-Forero, María Fernanda Arango, Laura Llaña, María Carolina Serrano


DOI: 10.5294/pacla.2010.13.1.4

This paper summarizes and examines the more relevant financial investments, mergers and acquisitions carried out in the Colombian media market by major international groups during the first decade of the 21st century. In a highly unprecedented environment and within a period of only ten years, an important share of Colombia’s leading media companies passed into the hands of foreign firms that remain attracted to the country, given the size of the market, the potential for growth in the different sectors and the policies on foreign direct investment being stimulated and protected by the national government in the field of media content distribution and telecommunication service delivery. The Spanish groups Planeta, Prisa and Telefónica, and Telmex from Mexico have become the main players in this phenomenon, which is known as The Re-conquest. DOI: 10.5294/pacla.2010.13.1.4

Palabras clave

Colombia, foreign investment, media markets, telecommunications, multinational communication enterprises.

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