Algunas reflexiones sobre la documentación televisiva


  • Gabriel Galdón Universidad Europea de Madrid


The author's purpose in this article is to emphasize the nature of documentation as the background which is absolutely necessary to make a journalistic report. The essential element of documentation is not the datebase -even though we can't neglect the technological support- but the achievement of real documentation that serves as a practical support to the theological, ethical, rethorical and poetic sense that should be developed by the communicator. Documentation sense presupposes an attitude of service to citizens, an inclusion of the text into its appropriate context, and its historical perspective in order to find the depth and real meaning that reality has, discovering courteous signs inherent to communication: wealth, beauty and refined meaning.


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Biografía del autor/a

Gabriel Galdón, Universidad Europea de Madrid

Es Doctor en Ciencias de la Información, Universidad de Navarra. Catedrático de Documentación Informativa de la Universidad Europea de Madrid. Profesor Visitante de la Universidad de la Sabana y autor de más de 40 aportaciones científicas en el ámbito de la documentación y la epistemología en el campo de la información.


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