¿Quién es el otro?

Carolina Uscátegui Rodríguez


International relations display interesting communication processes, and the mass media are being called actors within the international politics. How aware are governments, entrepreneurs and journalists about this? From «human», political and commercial points of view, wondering about «Who am 1 going to meet?,» is important; it's not only a matter of respect, but also of worthiness. But such question demands time and probably investing in «knowing» better the «other one», and also in improving the communication processes and information flows with him. Before establishing transnational contacts or offering international information, diplomatic and commercial actors, and journalists too, should take care about the specific interests, situation, and features of the ones involved in the interaction, as well as about the environment, language and mechanisms to be chosen. This is how successful interactions are reached, the «human being,» is finally seen as meadow of every relation.

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